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Lyrics》Mali Pizu – Thank God

Maxido the inspirational producer
Yeeh yeeh
Mali pizu dey here so!!!

Baba God eh
Thank you thank you thank you
Oweh! ×6

Vs 1
He is the king of kings.
king of kings
He is the Lord of lords.
Lord of lords
Anything I do he dey show me love
He dey show me love
He lift me up from grass to grace
From grass to grace
Anywhere I go he dey bless my way
He dey bless my way
Baba God I say you too much
Yeyeh yeh yeh!!!

Baba God eh
Thank you thank you thank you
Oweh! ×6

Vs 2
Everywhere I go
Yeh yeh – yeh yeh
Anything I do
Yeh yeh – yeh yeh

Bless my frnd as you bless me too
As you bless me too
Bless my family as you bless me too
Amen amen amen.

Baba God eh
Thank you thank you thank you
Oweh! ×6

Mali Pizu dey here so!!!
Maxido on the mix.

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